28 April 2009

Dating Old Photograhps series

Following yesterday’s blog entry about the proposed old military photo book planned by the editors of Family Chronicle magazine, several folks wrote to me personally to ask about the Dating Old Photographs series. My DearREADERS are quite correct -- Ol’ Myrt here should have included a link to those two fine books.

I remember when “Dating Old Photographs” first came out as an article in Family Chronicle because it made a big splash with our local genealogy society members. And it seems we’ve each inherited a slew of unidentified old family photos. The books provide clues about clothing styles, poses, hairstyles, and mounting material to identify the ancestral image.

In fact, a quick check today of the Family Chronicle website tells me the books are currently out of print in book format, but available in CD format:

Dating Old Photographs
(SOLD OUT! Available on CD March 31 2009)

Family Chronicle's Dating Old Photographs provides a guide to placing your old photographs in time based on the fashions, poses and hairstyles of the subjects, and includes abundant examples of dated photographs from the invention of photography to the early 20th century. 96 pages, softbound.

More Dating Old Photographs
(SOLD OUT! Available on CD March 31 2009)
Family Chronicle's More Dating Old Photographs released in May 2004 features all new photographs from the 1840s to the 1920s in a 120-page softbound book. Highlights include an introductory essay by renowned old-photo expert Maureen Taylor, and sections on unusual pictures and hand-tinted photographs.

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