29 April 2009

What if...

WHAT IF you inherited a long lost trunk, hope chest or suitcased filled with your grandmother's family history papers? What would you hope is inside?

Ol' Myrt here would wish in contained a family bible that indicates the parents for my elusive Dolly YOCKEY who married Daniel S. WEISER in Scotio, Ohio on 11 June 1840. I have a copy of their marriage entry, but of course, that crucial information is missing, and I simply cannot get around that brick wall.

In the March/April 2009 Family Chronicle magazine, Leslie Albrecht Huber described inheriting her grandmother's compiled family history.
"It was a brown, old-fashioned suitcase with two buckles wrapped around it, filled with notebooks and papers — quite simply a genealogist’s dream. I felt as if I were opening a treasure box dug up from a deserted island as I carefully unbuckled and unzipped the suitcase to look inside. I pulled out a couple of my grandma’s personal journals written with her long slanted, cursive letters. I opened up some large envelopes and file folders with family histories written by other people. Then at the bottom of the stack, I came to my grandma’s Book of Remembrance — the crown jewel in my treasure chest."

Leslie goes on to suggest that YOU can be the creator of such a treasure for your family and provides a few personal insights about what was important to her as she worked through the gift from her grandmother.

But as long as we're dreaming, WHAT IF you inherited such a family treasure chest? Imagine opening it for the first time, with your heart pounding and all. What do you secretly wish to find? A family portrait? A deed to property? Info about military service? Tell us your dream.

Maybe you've already inherited a treasure? Tell us about it.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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