18 May 2009

Copies of magazine articles

From: Nancy B.
Regarding Eastland, my husband Walt lost two aunts on the Eastland and I'm wondering how to get a copy of the magazine with the article about the disaster. Their names were Dora Schroth and Caroline Afford (sisters). Thank you.

The article about the sinking of the Eastland appeared in the Feb Mar 2009 issue of HISTORY MAGAZINE as mentioned in the magazine's blog. Ol' Myrt here found the article by David A. Norris very compelling. I am sorry to hear that your husband lost two close relatives in this terrible disaster.

The Internet-Genealogy Blog contains entries on topics originally printed in any of the four magazines published by Moorshead. For each blog entry, I make it a point to include the author, title of the original article, the name of the magazine, publication information and page number(s) in addition to a clickable link to the magazine website. That way, whenever you run across a blog entry mentioning an article you wish to own, merely click the link to the magazine website. Then you can order the issue in question directly from the publisher.

In this case, History Magazine is located at: http://www.history-magazine.com/. To save you time, Ol' Myrt here is including the information from the "CONTACT US" link on the History Magazine website.

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