14 May 2009

Meet you in Raleigh at NGS

The National Genealogical Society's annual conference is currently being held at the Raleigh (North Carolina) Convention Center. If you are attending, do take time to stop by the Family Chronicle booth #119 in the exhibit hall. Ol' Myt will be there between 12 and 1pm today, tomorrow and Saturday. The exhibit hall is open to the public, so registration for the NGS conference classes isn't required.

Yesterday when I met with Ed and Rick, they reminded Ol' Myrt here about the trial offer of their magazines.
Here's how it works
Fill in and submit the online request forms, linked above. Be sure to complete all fields as required. You will be mailed a free issue and an invoice. If you enjoy the magazine, simply return the invoice with payment to continue your subscription. If the magazine isn't for you, simply e-mail them a note of your cancellation (or return the cancelled invoice) and you will be under absolutely no further obligation. All contact information supplied will remain private.

There are slightly different options for those who are considering the other two magazines provided by Moorshead:
  • Family Chronicle - seven for six offer (Receive the current issue free, when you order a one year subscription.)
  • Internet Genealogy - $4.17 per issue instead of $6.95. (You may even elect to receive the magazine in .pdf format.)
Looks like they are into creative marketing, wouldn't you say? Ol' Myrt has loved these magazines even before she started writing this blog about them.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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