12 May 2009

Ohio 1812

Its imposible to keep up with what's going up on the web to aid genealogy researchers. Thankfully, this item by Tony Bandy caught Ol' Myrt's eye today, and I had to share it because one of my Salt Lake Study Group members has Ohio ancestors.
"Overshadowed by the Revolutionary War and the later action in Mexico, the War of 1812 threw Great Britain and America into conflict once again. With many thousands of troops involved on both sides, there is a possibility your ancestors may have served in some capacity. If you think they were from Ohio, there is a good chance you can find them in the War of 1812 Roster of Ohio Soldiers, an online database made freely available by the Ohio Historical Society (OHS). Digitized from an earlier work published in 1916..." See: "War of 1812: Ohio Rosters Online", Family Chronicle. May/June 2009. Pages 50-51.

Thankfully various historical and genealogical societies and individuals create such listings for presentaiton both on and off the Internet. But finding a soldier with the same name as your ancestor in such listings isn't proof enough that it was in fact your ancestor who served.

Years ago, original document research at the National Archives (US) involved helping a friend sift through her ancestor's War of 1812 pension file. From www.Archives.gov we discover the National Archives and Records Administration stores the following military records:

Of particular interest is NARA's advice How to Request Military Service Records or Prove Military Service.

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