08 June 2009

Chinese-Canadian Resources

There is much talk lately about Chinese ancestral research. How Ol' Myrt here wishes she had a compiled family history extending back over thousands of years. But if your Chinese roots get tangled up in the 19th and 20th century in Canada, an recent article by Elizabeth LaPointe discusses some resources designed to expedite your research.
"With the passing of the Chinese Immigration Act of 1885, Chinese-Canadians were required to pay a $50 Head Tax upon entering Canada. This was done to control Chinese immigration. Only those who had the money to pay the Head Tax would be able to settle in Canada. The tax was amended to $100 with the Chinese immigration Act of 1900, and finally raised to $500 a person by the Chinese Immigration Act of 1903. "

SOURCE: "Uncovering Chinese-Canadian Resources" by Elizabeth LaPoint. Internet Genealogy Magazine. Dec/Jan 2009, pages 20-21.

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