15 June 2009

Meet the editors

No, this isn't a criminal line-up at the local police station. It's a picture of Ol' Myrt (middle) with Family Chronicle publisher and editor Ed Zapletal (left) and circulation director Rick Cree (right) taken at the 2009 National Genealogical Society Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina in May. What I haven't shown you are photos of the dinner festivities with other genealogists at "The Pit", a local barbecue joint that certainly rates attention next time you visit Raleigh.

If you are planning to attend the any of the upcoming FGS or NGS conferences, take the time to stop by the Family Chronicle booth and meet the staff. Ol' Myrt here also spends an hour or two each day at the booth to meet her DearREADERS and ask for ideas for upcoming blog entries.

You can also peruse recent issues of all four magazines published by these fellows:

In Raleigh, someone purchased a previous issue with info about the mafia, quite simply because his daughter-in-law's father is in the mob. You just never know, do you? Ol' Myrt here is not sure I'd want to bark up that family tree, unless I restricted myself to 18th and 19th century ancestors.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
Your friend in genealogy.

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