23 July 2009

Family newsletters

So this is the year the family organization finally convinced you to take over the family newsletter, eh? You know you've dreaded the thought of revamping the layout, but where can you turn for assistance in taking your family newsletter "from DRAB to FAB?"

"It used to be that catching up on family news was a weekly event — maybe a Sunday dinner at Grandma’s house, or summer nights sitting on your back porch enjoying an ice cream cone with your father or a favorite aunt. In today’s fast-paced society, with families scattered across the globe, for many of us those personal one-on-one moments are few and far between. A printed/digital publication is a good way to bring everyone together again. But it doesn’t have to read like the teleprompter of the evening news."

Prolific writer and genealogy instructor, Lisa A. Alzo provides five categories to consider when adding pizazz to your family newsletter. Ol' Myrt's grandchildren will like Lisa's suggestion to use Discovery Education's Instant Puzzle Maker at www.puzzlemaker.com. Be sure to see Lisa's "Take Your Family Newsletter from Drab to Fab!" in the July/Aug 2009 issue of Discovering Family History magazine on pages 52-53.

Happy family tree climbing!
Myrt :)
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