07 July 2009

Family Chronicle: July/Aug 2009 TOC

Here's the lineup of articles in the MUST HAVE July/August 2009 issue of Family Chronicle magazine issue with the theme "Recession proof your research". In fact why not inquire for a free sample copy. The money saving tips in the issue will more than pay for your annual subscription.

  • RECESSION PROOF YOUR RESEARCH Lisa A. Alzo shows you 10 ways to stretch your dollar!

  • GETTING MY FEET WET: A BEGINNER’S EXPERIENCE Leslie Mason takes the plunge and discovers her family history.

  • GENEALOGY SOCIETY ANNOUNCEMENTS A collection of upcoming genealogy-related events that may be of interest.

  • LOOKING FOR A MAN WHO DIDN’T WANT TO BE FOUND Diane L. Richard and Mary Ann Boyle chronicle their search for Robert Lee Chamberlain.

  • HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT According to Emily A. Croom, the best leads can be where
    you least expect them.

  • WANT TO FIND A LONG LOST RELATIVE? WRITE A BOOK! According to Lisa A. Alzo, writing a book can draw out your long-lost cousins.

  • ARRIVING IN NEW YORK Leslie Albrecht Huber looks at the important role New York
    plays in your genealogical research.

  • JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT! Emily A. Croom finds quirky facts and colorful stories in
    ancestral records.

  • CAPTURING WWII VETERAN MEMORIES Diane L. Richard looks at what you can do to ensure your veteran ancestors’ stories are preserved.

  • RESEARCHING SCOTTISH ANCESTRY Marian Press looks at the wealth of resources available from Scotland.

  • HEIRLOOM RESEARCH Dawn Witzke tells you how to make sure your family history is preserved.

  • THE ROOTS OF A STORY Steve Luxenberg finds a story in a family secret.

  • SOURCING YOUR SOURCES According to Michael Hait, not all records are created equal.

  • RESEARCH RESOURCES Some genealogy-related books that may be of interest.

  • WESTERN LIVING Beverly Smith Vorpahl traces her family’s history on the old homestead.

  • WHO WAS MARY WILLIAMS’ MOTHER? According to Marian Press, the right questions can topple a brickwall.

  • WEBSITES WORTH SURFING Elizabethan England, UK battlefields and more.

  • VISITING CEMETERIES Gail Blankenau pays tribute to the traditional visit to our ancestors' graves.

Happy family tree climbing!
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