20 July 2009

Labrador: cemetery research

When visiting with a newbie to Second Life yesterday afternoon, a new friend mentioned she has Labradorian genealogy research on her father's side of the family tree. I didn't realize until this morning that Elizabeth Lapointe provides insights into Newfoundland and Labrador genealogy. So to get Belle started on the right track, here's a bit of Elizabeth's advice concerning cemetery research.

"The Family History Society of Newfoundland and Labrador has done some excellent work in getting the transcription of gravesites completed. There are nearly 1,000 cemeteries transcribed and, if you know where the community cemetery is, you can go to their website to see if the headstone was transcribed for that community.

They have nearly 800 transcriptions in the database so far and you can request a search of their database for a fee. You can also go to www.stonepics.com, where they have a quarter of a million names and dates from headstones and monuments in Newfoundland. There are also pictures of some 1,700 cemeteries in the 177 volumes available for purchase on CD."

You'll probably also wish to visit Elizabeth's website www.GenealogyCanada.com.

Lapointe, Elizabeth. "Exploring Newfoundland and Labrador Genealogy. Discovering Family History (magazine). July/August 2009. pages 8-11.

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