15 July 2009

Motivation for determining paternity

Aside from using www.ScotlandPeople.gov.uk, Ol' Myrt here has had little experience with Scottish records research, in that she has only helped a few DearREADERS find clues about progenitors and doesn't claim Scottish ancestry on her own family tree.

"Other fruitful sources of information are the Kirk Session records that recorded the meetings of the local church elders. The church elders were very much concerned with the moral well-being of their flock, and with bringing those who went astray to task, and you may well find mention of ancestors. Illegitimate births were often recorded here along with the father's name. You may also find that your ancestors were among the many who had celebrated an irregular marriage and were subsequently summoned before the Kirk Session. These records will be coming soon to ScotlandsPeople. In the mean time those that still exist are available at the Scottish National Archives, www.nas.gov.uk and you can search the catalogue under CH2 to see if these minutes are available for a particular parish." SOURCE: Marian Press' "Researching Scottish Ancestry" from Family Chronicle Magazine. July/Aug 2009 pages 35-37.

This leaves Ol' Myrt wondering if the reasons for determining paternity also includes the need to see that the child and nursing mother do not become wards of the parish, as I've seen in my fledgling attempts with my personal 1600-1700 English parish registry research.

Whatever the motive, we're thankful when any shred of evidence includes the mention of an ancestor. Ours isn't to play the part of a judge of morals.

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